Love your kai car crash scenario! Maybe you could make one with him knowing his wife pregnant after she passed out or something? —Anonymous

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Unexpected gift. -Jongin


After a week of work, Jongin finally had some free time to spend together. It was saturday and you decided to go on a date.

You were having a late lunch since you both woke up late and he asked you what you wanted to do today

“I promised you today, so…?”

“Mh…” you cutely put the spoon in your mouth as you thought “What about if we go see ‘No Tears for the Dead’first and then at Myeongdong Market?”

He nodded and when you finished your food, you happily jumped upstair to get ready.

You were married to him since a year now, but you acted like a little teenager with her first boyfriend. Not that you were old of course, he proposed at a very young age, but you liked to look cute and everything.

“Are you ready or I have to wait another hour?” he said out loud from the kitchen

“Five minutes. I’m almost done, i swear”

He shook his head smiling “I’ll go get the car then”

You were going downstairs when someone knocked at the door. You opened the door and you were happily surprised.

“Is my girlfriend ready?” said Jongin with 9 roses and the cutest smile on his face

“Aww” you remembered the period he used to come to your house and pick you to go on a date. You took the flowers and hugged him “You still remember…”

“Of course I do” he laughed “but now we have to go or we will be late for the movie” he kissed your cheek.

You really enjoyed the movie and now you couldn’t wait to go at Myeongdong.

“Are you hungry? I can buy some dakkangjung if you want” he said pointing at the stand, you nooded.

You two started to eat as you walked among shops and stands

“Waa, look, Nichkhun oppa!” you exclaimed pointing at the board above the shop’s name, showing your fangirl part

“…Since when his your oppa?!” he asked, looking at you

“Ay~ yeobo, don’t be jealous~” you took and shook his arm showing some aegyo

He lightly pet your head with a smile and continued walking.

“Aw, those bungeoppang look so nice!” you said with sparkling eyes

“You still hungry?!” he exclaimed, you nodded “fine, I’ll buy some…”

He handed you the two he bought and you took a bite “Wa, nice as the look” then you stretched your arm with the bread in front of his mouth but he shook his head.

It was getting late, so after the last stand, you decided to go back home.

Jongin was coming out of the shower and you were putting your pajama on when you felt a little pain in the tummy

“Yeobo, my stomach is hurting” you said caressing your tummy

“Well, you ate a lot this evening…” he said sitting next to you

“Nah, I think that period of the month is coming…”

“Then, do you need something?”

“I think just some good sleep” you said lying down and Jongin covered you

“Ok, good night baby boo” and he kissed your forehead. Then he went to sleep as well.

The next morning you still felt some pain, so you get up early and make yourself something hot to drink, then you tried to continue your sleep, but the pain was getting worse, so you decide to wake Jongin “Yeobo, I think I need to go to the hospital…”

You waited twenty minutes and it was finally your turn. The doctor visited you and decided to take a sample of blood just to make sure that it isn’t something serious.

As you waited for the results, you felt asleep in your temporary room and Jongin was called by the nurse

“First, congratulations Mr. Kim, then-“

“Excuse me, congratulations for what?” he was confused

“Oh, your wife didn’t tell you? You are going to be dad soon” the doctor said laughing, then he told Jongin that everything was normal.

He went back to your room and waited for you to wake up.

“Yeobo…” you smile opening your eyes

“Hey…why you didn’t tell me?” he said with the sweetest smile while caressing your cheek

“Mwo, tell you what?” now you were confused

“That in less then nine months there will be a little Jongin or a little _____ crying for our attention”

“MWO?! Yeobo, what are you talking about?! Is this a dream?!” you were quite shocked

“Nope, you didn’t know?!”

“Of course I didn’t!” you almost cried

“Well, then let me tell you that we are going to be parents soon” he kissed you forehead “and the doctor said that you can go home and everything is fine”

In the next months, your tummy started to grow bigger and bigger. Jongin was the most helpful husband ever and he was getting ready to be a perfect dad.

“How should we call him or her?”


Love your recent kai scenario!!!! More more^^ —Anonymous

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For life. -Jongin (feat. Taemin) part. 2

——— At Jongin and your house ———

You were chatting and joking with your friends when you had a bad feeling, but didn’t care much thinking that maybe it was only nervousness.

Your phone rang.

Your bestfriend took your phone and pick up “Jongin do you have to call every five minutes?” she said joking, you smiled

“Em…I’m not Jongin, are you a relative of…” he took a look at his documents “Mr. Kim?” he policeman said serious

The mood went down. Your bestfriend stopped smiling and gave the phone to you


“Nae, are you a relative of Mr. Kim?”

“Nae, I’m his wife, but may I know who are you?”

“Oh…of course. I’m Park YongSeok from Seoul Police Department. Your husband went into a car crush and now his conditions are critical and—“

Your phone slipped from you hands and hit the floor. Your mind went blank and your face became pale. You were crying without even knowing it.

In less than ten minutes, you rushed to the nearest hospital. Your heart told you were he was.

You didn’t care about anything right now. With your white dress, you kneeled on the floor in front of the ER door and started praying, still with tears streaming down your cheeks.

Your friend called Taemin as well and the boys rushed at the hospital. Now you were all praying for Jongin’s life.

After two hours, you felt tired of crying, but continued praying.

Another hour passed and finally a doctor came out.

“How’s Jongin?” Chanyeol rushed to the doctor and helped you to get up. You couldn’t feel your lower body anymore.

“Can I talk to a relative of Mr. Kim?”

“I’m his wife…” you whispered in the lowest voice possible

“Well, you see…” the doctor explained his situation “but know he’s out of danger”

You all sigh in relief and in your heart, you kept repeating ‘thank’s God’.

“Can we see him?” Suho added

“Not yet, you may see him tomorrow. Go home, take some rest and comeback tomorrow”

You all bowed to the doctor as he excused himself.

Your friends went home to take some rest, only your both bestfriend Taemin stayed with you and tried to convince you to go home.

“I’m fine. I just want to be with him” you whispered

“I know, but don’t you want to take a bath and change into more comfortable clothes?” he replied hugging you

You shook your head. “Come on, I promise to take you tomorrow morning as you wake up, mh?” Taemin smiled

You didn’t slept much last night, maybe only three hours. You kept on dreaming about Jongin’s accident, so at the end you decided to don’t sleep at all.

It was now 7AM and you went to knock at Taemin’s door.

Taemin came at the door shirtless and with his bed hair “You’re already here?!” he let you in

“You promised”

“I know, but you should know that we can only see him from 9AM” he yawned “Have you ate breakfast?”

“I’m not hungry”

“But you need to eat. Jongin told me that you like pancakes, I can make you some”

You were about to open you mouth, but he cut you off “And I won’t take you if you don’t eat”

After eating, he finally took you to the hospital. It was still early, so you waited for a while in the waiting room with him while he took a little nap.

“Ms. Kim, you may see you husband now” the nurse smiled

“Thank you” you woke Taemin and went together to Jongin’s room

As you entered, you saw him lying on that cold, white bed surrounded by machines. New tears went to your eyes. You took a chair and put it near his bed.

“Hey, baby…” you whispered taking his hand and caressing his cheek. Seeing him there made your heart ache very much.

You stayed there all day, talking to him. You knew he was listening.

The following morning, you felt like he had weakly squeezed you hand, so you immediately run to call a doctor. As you cameback, you saw his eyes slightly open.

“Mr. Kim’s conditions are good. It’s a surprise for me that he has already recovered consciousness. We’ll in the next few hours or days.” said the doctor looking at his medical record. He visited Jongin and left the room.

You smiled. You were so happy that he was fine and that he was still there with you. You went back to his bed and smiled at him.

He weakly put his hand on your cheek and with the other he removed his oxygen mask “_______…I’m so sorry…” his voice was so low and weak

“Sorry about what? Don’t even say that. Thank’s God you’re still here with me” you kissed his hand

“It was your day, I bet you were beautiful and I made you cry and-“ he run out of breath

You quickly put his oxygen mask on “Everything is fine. Don’t overstrain yourself okay?”

Three weeks after, Jongin was dismissed and Taemin with Sehun came to drive you home. Jongin was so happy to go home, he was tired of that completely white place.

“You’re still not Mr. Kim, right? What about we get marry tomorrow?” he smiled, looking at you

“Tomorrow?! Aren’t you tired? We can do it-“

“You don’t want to marry me anymore?” he pouted

“Of course i want to marry you” you quickly said

“Then it’s decided, tomorrow is going to be our great day” he smiled satisfied

No sooner said than done.

The next day you were in a new wonderful white dress walking toward your prince who was waiting for you with the the brightest smile on his face.


part. 1

For life. -Jongin (feat. Taemin) part. 1

4th November 2015.

You rolled in your bed to took a look at your phone. It was only 8 AM. You rolled on the other side and saw that Jongin wasn’t by your side.

You smile.

Today was the day.

After four years as a sweet couple, Kim Jongin finally asked you to marry him and today you were going to be Ms. Kim.

You lazily got up and the first thing you do is take a look at your wedding dress. You loved it. It’s like it was designed only for you.

“Good morning, baby boo~“ said Jongin, back hugging you and putting his right cheek on your back neck.

You got surprised, thinking that he was already at Taemin’s house to get ready

“You can’t see the dress yet!” you quickly said as you zip up the dress cover

“I know, I know. My eyes are closed” he laughed

“I thought you were already at Taemin’s” you turned around to take a look at him

“I’m going now. I wanted to say ‘good morning’ before leaving” he kissed you “breakfast is already on the table. See you later, soon Ms. Kim” he smile and kissed you again

“Thank you Mr. Kim” you smiled “I love you~” you said hugging him

“I love you more” he said kissing your forehead and left.

After breakfast, you called your bestfriend and some other friends to help you get ready.

——— At Taemin’s house ———

“Hey, look who we have here” said Taemin and the other boy got up to greet him

“Are you ready for the great day?” said his friend Kyungsoo, helping him to wear his tie

“Yeah…but i’m so nervous” he replied laughing

Later that afternoon, with the help of his friends, Jongin was ready to go but got a phone call.


“Mr. Kim, the surprise you requested is almost done, but we got some troubles and we’re asking you to come and see if we can change something or find another solution. Can you please come now?”

“How much time do I still have, hyung?” he asked Chanyeol who was next to him

“More or less, two hours”

“Okay, I’m coming now” and he hung up

“Jongin, are you sure? It’s quite far from here…” said Suho worried

“Nae, hyung. I’ll be back right in time” he smiled and got up

“I’m going with you” said Taemin, getting up as well

“Nah, don’t worry. I’ll be fine”

“What if-“

“If- I’ll call you, okay?”said Jongin grabbing his phone and car keys.

With a smile, he waved goodbye.


“Thank you for coming, Mr. Kim. We’ll do our best to fix the problem and do as you said” the man said bowing

“Oh, thank you” Jongin replied bowing as well

He took a look at his watch and saw that he was right in time to go back.

The sky was getting dark and darker and he was stuck in a little traffic so he decided to call you.


“Are you getting ready, Ms. Kim?”

“Nae~ where are you, yeobo?” you said smiling, happy to hear his voice

“Mh…I’m driving…but I’m stuck in the traffic…”

“It’s starting to rain” Jongin took a look at the sky “be careful yeobo” you said

“I will~ don’t worry and be beautiful ok?” he smiled “I love youu”

“Okay, I love you too” but you had a bad feeling.

Out of the blue, the rain got so heavy that it was almost impossible to see the road and it happend.

Because of the traffic, he was a little late so he quicken, but a van crushed into his car.

Some car stopped, the entire wold stopped.

Someone called an ambulance, but as they arrived, Jongin’s heartbeat was so weak that it couldn’t be feel.

He was immediately sent to the nearest hospital by air ambulance.

His conditions were quite critical, he got blood, bruises and injuries all over his now pale body. He had a few broken bones and his heart stopped beating once.

He was in ER for some minutes now.

The policeman took his torn suit and found his phone. He called the first number in the recent calls.


part. 2

Could u do exo kai scenario where on the wedding day he got into a car crash. Angsty but happy ending? —Anonymous

omg i love this scenario so much ;ww;

i’m still writing and i think i’ll make a short part 1 and a long part 2.


it’s my first long scenario and english is not my first language, so i apologize in advance lol (and i’m not good writing angsty things even though i like them(?))


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facetime with exo;



kyungsoo (feat. jongin): “bye jagiya~”


suho: *show you his favorite part of overdose*


luhan: "we are practicing for miracles in december!"


jongin: "it’s almost time to go on stage. look, noona is fixing our hair"


kris: you: "oppa is so handsome today!"

him: “really? *gets shy*


yixing: *plays with you* “i can’t see you~”


"here you are! i’m going to catch youu~"


xiumin: *cutely dance for you*image

baekhyun: "how do i look? hehe"


chenchen: "we are in the waiting room now…"image

sehun: you:"oppa aegyo juseyo~~”

him: “only for you”


chanyeol: "are you having fun?"


zitao: "i’ll call you later!"


A scenario as a mini story/oneshot?? about anyone?? —Anonymous

can you please be more specific? at least what the scenario should be about, i’ll then choose a random character (  ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO


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